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ANZ, a leading financial institution, operates in 32 markets worldwide and sought to introduce a new product across Asia.

By leveraging our technology-driven approach, we provided ANZ with a customised, efficient translation solution that enabled the swift launch of their new products. Our system facilitated regular updates to their content in multiple languages without disruptions, ensuring a seamless experience for their global customer base.

Key Achievements:

  • Consistent, accurate translations tailored to a highly regulated industry: Our meticulous approach to translation ensures compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations.

  • Centralised translation platform for ANZ user access: Our user-friendly platform allows ANZ's team members to manage translations with ease and efficiency.

  • Streamlined management of terminology, file versions, and more: Our robust system ensured seamless coordination of vital components, enhancing the overall translation process.

  • Scalable enterprise-level translation: Our solution accommodates ANZ's growth and expansion, providing reliable support as their translation needs evolve.

Our tailored solution effectively addressed ANZ's requirements, allowing them to achieve their objectives, particularly in the dynamic Asian market.

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ANZ, a prominent financial institution, serves over 8.5 million retail and business customers across 32 global markets, necessitating communication in various languages.

ANZ Transactive Global is a comprehensive digital solution that offers clients streamlined access to ANZ's products and services, including cash management, liquidity, commercial cards, trade, and market services. The accompanying mobile app enhances visibility and control over cash management activities.

As a long-standing client, ANZ entrusted LEXIGO with the translation requirements for their new product rollout across Asia, focusing primarily on Transactive Global. The initial launch involved extensive updates in multiple languages, encompassing materials such as the app interface, website, online forms, and interactive PDF forms in 10 languages. 

Following the successful initial rollout, our services continue to support the rapid evolution of the product through consistent updates.



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ANZ Banking Group

ANZ Banking Group

Banking + Finance

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