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National Multicultural Health and Wellbeing Conference 2023

Proudly serving as the exclusive multicultural communications partner for this year's Multicultural Health and Wellbeing Conference. Explore our page and visit us at our booth to have a chat.


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LEXIGO — Professional Translation + Multicultural Communication

Melbourne HQ

611 Flinders St

Tower 4, Level 10

World Trade Centre VIC 3005

Australia-wide tel.: 1300 LEXIGO

International tel.: +61 3 8630 2930


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Native Community
Partnership Network

Community organisation or member?
Say hello to our native network.

The Native Community Partnerships Network is an initiative towards culturally conscious communication, where your insights as a member of a multicultural community help shape authentic and inclusive messaging.

By joining the Network, you become part of a collaborative force that empowers community sentiment to influence how projects are designed and delivered across important local and national campaigns, ensuring that they resonate deeply and reflect your community’s voice.


"LEXIGO has become a strategic partner for companies and government agencies alike, who are aiming to widen their target audiences and diversify their operations."

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