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CEO note: Welcome to Lexigo—our new brand.

When I first established ANECSYS, I envisaged building a company whose primary focus was technology. In line with this vision, I incorporated the abbreviation ‘sys’ for systems into the business name.

Since establishing the business, technology has evolved beyond most of our expectations. Subsequently, our business offerings have evolved too.

While our primary focus remains on technology, I know first-hand that success and service is dependent on combining technology with people power. Therefore, our company approach is now human and technology rather than human vs. technology.

My goal is to ensure we provide our clients with a pleasant and consistent service of the highest quality.

—Mark Saba, founder and CEO, Lexigo

The only problem was our business name didn’t reflect this change in direction. Neither did it reflect the growth we were experiencing; our expanding client list, our dedicated and passionate teams and our technological and linguistic improvements.

Changing our business name from ANECSYS to Lexigo made perfect sense. It’s a name that incorporates both the technical (ie. Lexicon) and the human (ie. go) components of our business.

I am proud to announce the new brand officially launched on January 1st 2018.

I look forward to this new chapter and continuing to work alongside our clients and stakeholders to deliver high quality services that exceed expectation.

Written by Mark, founder and CEO of Lexigo: With his passion for technology, business and globalization – Mark is responsible for realising Lexigo's vision and strategic development of Lexigo technologies, with a particular interest in translation process automation, machine learning and multicultural marketing. His experience in a diverse range of fields gives Lexigo a dynamic and fresh approach to the delivery of its products and services.

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