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Professional translation services for property marketing and more

Trusted project marketing translation empowering you to connect and engage with international clients, investors and buyers.


171 languages

Accurate and consistent translation across 171 languages.

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10,000+ translators

10,000+ domain expert translators backed by powerful technology.

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ISO certified

ISO certified to global standards for translation, privacy and quality.

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Why choose LEXIGO?

Choose a full-service translation partner committed to your marketing goals. We make translation for property and construction a seamless experience, supporting you to impact, engage and sell to your target audience. 

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Our consistent processes mean great quality and value for money for you - every time. By taking the time to understand your goals, our skilled translation team will align your translation with your existing marketing strategy and direction.


  • Aligned with your strategy

  • Process-driven 

When it comes to project marketing translation or real estate marketing translation, we can support you to impact and engage your target audience. 

Our global network of qualified native translators can effectively translate your brand, helping you:

  • Launch your project or campaign

  • Meet sales targets

  • Expand your international reach and foreign language capabilities

We’re committed to the success of your international campaigns. With your marketing strategy goals in mind, we’ll work with you or your creative partners to align our multilingual localisation and marketing strategy to match.


By getting to market faster and increasing your conversion rate, you’ll become more competitive in the property and construction industry.

We help you effectively market and sell property to your target audience

The absolute best of both worlds, plus more

Take advantage of our service approach that combines the intelligence of a global team of translators with our own award-winning technology and boost time-to-market and be native in 138 countries across 171 languages

Technology and services

As a full-service company, we deliver high-quality translation, award-winning technology, localization, multicultural marketing, media, desktop publishing and design, voice over talent, subtitling and more.

Human expertise

Our linguists are subject matter experts in a range of industries including Government, Finance, Banking, Health, Property and Construction, Legal, Retail, Travel and more.

Translate across 171 languages

Unleash the power of native communication across 171 languages spanning 138 countries—we've got you covered with the most common languages in global business and migration.




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