Be native in any language, across any medium, anywhere.

Reach, engage and connect with your audiences in their native language—with unrivalled translation services, speed and accuracy.

100% acceptance rate by Governments for your translation needs.

Unleash global growth potential with essential enterprise-level translation.

Strategic services with globalisation critical translation products.

CALD communication outcomes aligned with the Access and Equity Strategy.

Powering multilingual communication at organisations around the globe.

From English-only content to translating in 10+ languages, Lexigo's tech-enabled approach gives ANZ scalable enterprise-level translation to rapid new market launches. 

As one of Australia's 'big-4', ANZ operates globally and offers a range of commercial and retail banking services in a variety of languages.

A hybrid approach to translation.

Lexigo combines the intelligence of a global team of translators with its own award-winning technology. 


The result is fast, scalable and accurate translation services in 96 languages.


Accurate and consistent translation across 96 languages means you can reach 138 new global markets, or local communities.​​

96 languages

200+ language pairs

138 markets

Unleash your full potential in multilingual markets.

As a full-service translation provider, we power multilingual communication across any medium in local and global markets.

Whatever your company size or requirement, we offer solutions, services and products which are fairly-priced and of superior quality.


Websites, software + apps

Adapt your digital to engage with your user's languages and cultures.

DTP + typesetting

Design and typesetting services by native professionals.

Notarised translation

Certified translations for personal and business with optional notarised translation service.


Transform content across languages and speak powerfully to your audiences, locally or globally.


Multicultural marketing

Get your message heard, shared and acted upon across 138 different markets.

Create powerful multi-language multimedia with subtitles, voice overs and more.

Multicultural media

Cross-cultural training

Build a team who understands their audience innately for global success.

Solutions by sector

Sector specific translators and industry know-how applied by professional linguists.

Multicultural design and affairs, to global business insight and cultural discovery your resource to explore everything there is about translation and going global.

Translation Services
+ Multicultural Communication


Lexigo is a leading cloud-based translation, localisation and multicultural communication agency for business, enterprise and government - enabling organisations to communicate with confidence and boost time-to-market in 96 languages.

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